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The thing that makes VTP shine is what it does, although simple to understand it saves time by automatically distributing VLAN information.

Take for example if you had 20 switches that need the same VLANs you could do it manually but this runs the risk of human error, with VTP if you configure one switch as a server and all other switches as clients then you can configure all of them.

Additionally, all switches abide by synchronizing to the latest change of the database (this is also referred to as the latest revision number).

First we must discuss the function of VTP modes: Server mode, Client mode, and Transparent mode, to maintain this control.

If the revision number increases and is higher than a client switch or server switch, it will update its VLAN database.

VTP is a messaging protocol that CISCO designed to synchronize the VLAN database (vlan.dat) between switches in a common administratively controlled group (VTP domain).

This information is only propagated as Layer 2 multicast advertisements across trunk ports.

VLAN information is synchronized with other VTP servers and clients on the VTP domain.

You can have multiple VTP servers in the VTP domain and VLAN information is synchronized according to the server with the highest configuration revision number.

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