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Connection Strings Contains topics describing various aspects of using connection strings, including connection string keywords, security info, and storing and retrieving them.

Connection Pooling Describes connection pooling for the . Commands and Parameters Contains topics describing how to create commands and command builders, configure parameters, and how to execute commands to retrieve and modify data.

While this can be useful for allowing the user to edit all fields at the same time, or to select the rows to delete, you might wish to show the row controls inline with the table, rather than using row selection.

Transactions and Concurrency Contains topics describing how to perform local transactions, distributed transactions, and work with optimistic concurrency.

Where "dt" is a Data Table, you get a row by selecting any column (I know, sounds backwards).

Then you can then set the value of whatever row you want (I chose the first row, or "my Row(0)"), for whatever column you want.

I am assuming that I have to play with record of persons (First Name, Last Name, Age) and I will refer only these data through out this article. just to give you flexibility to not show scroll bar for long screens.

For the ease of understanding, I have created BAL, DAL into the App_Code folder. pre 2) Can you post other similar article with Ajax? Because in practice we expect the delete to be performed with confirmation and also in details screen. Add new / Edit in 2 different tab panels - to have better usability. Regards, Sreedhar Thanks Vansree for your suggestions. Regarding pre class, I will let the webmaster know about it. As far as article on Ajax is concerned, I will try my best to post few articles on Ajax in coming days. Regards This is simpler example for 3-Tier Architecture.

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