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She's made three movies with him, starting with 2003's Identity and now 2012, but they always seem to be trying to avoid getting killed, whether it's from a mysterious murderer or the world completely falling apart. So every time he has been cast in something that I’m in, I think that I can’t really believe my good fortune. So I probably would be really scared to do something really big with somebody else because I’d be really scared they’d be like, “Lose some weight! ” What is Roland like when he's working with you and also managing all the explosions in the background?In 2012, Peet and Cusack play a divorced couple who wind up on the run together when the world, quite, literally, begins to end. I’m sure that my sister and brother-in-law would think that I was crazy if I started talking about my fear of 2012. I remember when Identity was the first movie we did together, and I was traveling in Vietnam and I got a fax from my agent. They said, “Oh, it’s going to be John Cusack.” And I almost keeled over and fell down wherever I was. I did lean out of a moving airplane in a harness to reach for John’s hand while Roland [Emmerich] was in a helicopter filming me. I fear that Roland has ruined me because he’s so gentle and lovely. Just so gentle and intimate and the same as if I’m working on some small character driven independent movie.While Paulson, 42, appeared to be caught off-guard by the peck, kisses are nothing new for the pair.

To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. But then your added element was fangs—the cool kind that attached to the teeth. I think we went through a period where we didn't talk as much, but it was never because we were fighting. PASCAL: [] I'm going to take you to a scary movie one of these days. PASCAL: What about all the horrible movies you've made me see? He wouldn't really play by the rules—my parents were so young and they were Chilean immigrants in San Antonio, Texas. The first fucking thing that we did when we met was go to the movies. Was there anything else in your childhood that you thought about doing besides acting? Do you remember any moment when everything kind of clicked and it became clear that you would pursue acting as a profession? The two of you watched it, liked it— PAULSON: No, we more than liked it. I sent it to Amanda and she showed it to David [Benioff; Peet's husband] right then. When you found yourself on the set for the first time, when you had watched the show the way you watched it, what was that like? Amanda Peet is really dying to do a romantic comedy with John Cusack. I mean, I’m mad for him, and I think he’s a genius. Like I don’t understand how someone’s not a tyrant who’s the boss of so many people and so much production.Though he only appeared in seven episodes, Pascal's Red Viper stole the season. PAULSON: And do you remember the names of the people in that posse besides Kristen? There are a couple of things that I probably shouldn't say about all of us—we were 18-year-olds in New York City in 1993. When I think about the debauchery, the things that we did, the kind of shit we were pulling and the way we were behaving, I don't even know how we made it to the next morning, much less 20 years later. I didn't know who she was and I was so embarrassed that I didn't know who she was. The first time, I tied sheets together and tried to climb the side of my house after I saw The second time, I was riding a horse and trying to gallop as fast as I could, like Indiana Jones, and got thrown from the horse. His demise—unexpected and ultraviolent—is permanently seared into the memories of fans, which, on a show as perilous as , is quite a feat. [But] I remember all of us going to the Upper East Side. PASCAL: Do you remember your perfect Wednesday Addams costume on Halloween that you added fangs to? The third time I was bit older and it didn't have anything to do with trying to be Indiana Jones.

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