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While developing a Golang-Qt application recently, I found out that UI elements such as progress bar or progress dialog will not be updated without this line: core. From Events: In the event that you are running a local loop which calls this function continuously, without an event loop, the Deferred Delete events will not be processed. QTool Tip, that rely on Deferred Delete events to function properly.

An alternative would be to call send Posted Events() from within that local loop. QEvent Loop__All Events) function to get Qt to update the UI elements such as a progress bar.

* Mon Sep 26 2016 [email protected] Add xcb-Fix-drop-of-text-uri-list-and-text-html.patch (qtbug#47981) * Fix dropping URLs from Firefox or Chrome, the contents does not decoded correctly.

- Add xcb-Fix-dropping-URL-on-Firefox-window.patch (qtbug#49947) * Correcting the format when dropping URL from Firefox.

As part of the development for the forthcoming application Beaver, prototypes were made to investigate the best ways to handle things like gui design, internationalization, charting integration and so on.

These (deliberately simple) examples will be made available here in case someone else can find them useful.

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Not a tutorial, but putting this here in case I need to refer back in future. Basically, a graphical user interface(GUI) Qt application needs to update/redraw itself...doing so every second can be a resource hogging process.

This short guide, called "Utiliser Py Qt4 avec Qt Designer" is made available online in pdf format (recommended) or in dark html, both including short code samples.

One of those described workflows goes like this: The example used is a very simple gui using layouts, with an edit box and a button which adds this entry to a list widget.

QNetwork Request is part of the Network Access API and is the class holding the information necessary to send a request over the network.

It contains a URL and some ancillary information that can be used to modify the request.

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