People from adultchat net

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If not for the Internet, such a person would almost certainly find something else to be compulsive about.

Thus there has been resistance among many psychologists to clasify and I list them here.

The following is an excerpt from, a non-profit Internet resource.

is really a catch-all phrase for someone with a compulsive personality or impulse control disorder who happens to exhibit that compusiveness while using the Internet.

Recognizing these signs can serve as a wake-up call, letting the user know that it's time to cut back.

Warning signs include: The first step to overcoming cyber sex addiction is to recognize that the problem exists.

Cyber sex addiction has the same characteristics as any other addiction. A person with addiction to cyber sex feels cravings for an online "fix" much like an alcoholic craves a drink.

Being online becomes a priority, to the detriment of real-life relationships.

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