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The date stamp is a rubber stamp with ink that is easily obliterated. Best regards Joachim Boehme EN AW-6082, 3.2315 typical mechanical properties 0,2% Yield strength Rp 0,2 240-310 MPa Ultimate tensile strength Rm 250 MPa Elongation A5 8-10 % Hardness 91 HB physical properties Density 2,7 g/cm� good welding properties very good anticorrosion properties good anodizing properties good drilling and turning properties alloy: Al Si Mg Mn (former Al Mg Si1) Temper: T651 stress relieved by stretching ,heat-treatable Composition %: Al 96.5, Mg Hi, I was curious about some wheels I recently acquired. See below: A: We used 6082(USA), 3.2315(DIN), Al Mg Si1(Type) or FUCHS Designation AS10.62, .62 indicates Temper Disignation.Using the above stamping location, the numbers I have appear to be 7267.I will say that the first and last 7 are oddly shaped and deeply stamped, while the 2 & 6 appear to be normal in shape yet not as deeply stamped. Thanks, HB I have a set of Fuchs which all have the same stamps: "4 1/2J x 15" "fox stamp" 25205.3 901.361.012.01 I can not find a date stamped or any other stamping anywhere.Ancient seers devised an astrological method to help people choose the right partner.This involves a proces of matching of the horoscopes of prospective bride and groom before getting them married.Is it safe to assume the date was originally in ink? Never mind about trying it, what a relief it is to find that others have been exposed to these ads as well.

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