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He holds the panda up in front of him at eye-level, staring hopefully into her masked face. No need to add to his electricity bill when he’s not even using it. She’s a rambunctious handful, and he’s glad Arashi is taking a break for a few weeks. He often thinks he could ask the other members for help, but he doesn’t trust them to do anything but lecture him. He’s innocent enough to believe magic tricks are hocus pocus, real and honest and innocent, just like in fantasy and fairy tales.

At first he really didn't really like the idea of living at the Kawai Dormitory, especially with his perverted room mate Shirosaki but when he was introduced to his love at first sight - Ritsu Kawai, where he first saw at his school, he was quite shocked and it was at that time he decided to stay, so that he could know more about her.However, Ohno Satoshi is not the only Johnny to be discovered to be dating this year.In fact, quite a few have had their relationships made public.Author has written 122 stories for Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, Gangsta./ギャングスタ, Harry Potter, Hozuki no Reitetsu/鬼灯の冷徹, Final Fantasy VII, Person of Interest, MPD-Psycho/多重人格探偵サ, Agents of S. I hope to hear from you - feel free to send me a PM. Hello, ya'll, I'm Kazu and I'm glad you stopped by.

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