Dating the mi garand

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(Maybe this info is wrong, I learned it form sombody else .) The Karabiner is bolt action, yes, but the Garand had to be replaced in the 50's because of the 'ping'sound which betrayed his owner .BTW: The governement siad this, we all know there is no continuous ping, many times yuou don't hear it because of the others who fire.It is also widely sought after by the civilian population as a hunting rifle, target rifle, as well as a prized military collectible.It is available for American civilian ownership through the Civilian Marksmanship Program.Offering for sale an original PREWAR Springfield M1 Garand. Click for more info Up for sale today is a US Springfield M1 Garand serial no. This excellent “Correct Grade” Garand was one of the last ones to be built by Springfield Ar ... This is a prewar pre Pearl Harbor gun that is dated 11-41 it is also a “lend lease” British proofed example that contains all co ... Serial number "3087XXX" which puts receiver in the early 1945 (possible Battle of the Bulge). Click for more info Here is another example of what American History looks like from a gun, barrel dated in Jan. Click for more info Up for sale today is an outstanding US HRA M1 Garand serial no. This outstanding Garand shows the features of a late Arsenal rebuild. Click for more info H&R M1 Garand 30-06 Springfield caliber rifle. There is no way you can ever find one of the 2 superior over the other.There is actually one thing that makes the Garand better (superior has no place in this discusion anymore (imo) ): the Garand can be used for about 10 days in dusty, shallowed, difficult terrain without cleaning the interior of the rifle.

“…(the) CMP will be receiving the rifles once the Phillipines prepares them for shipment. For more information on how to qualify to purchase a CMP firearm read the CMP’s Eligibility Requirements.

CMP reimburses the Army transportation costs of getting these rifles back as they have with every other shipment sent to us. The CMP’s mission to promote firearms safety and marksmanship training, with an emphasis on youth activities, is funded through the sale of firearms to qualified U.

We do not know when these rifles will be shipped back, but they have been approved…” Johnson said in a post to that group. While there is no report on the condition of these specific rifles, the return of any M1 Garand to the U.

These rifles were provided to the Philippines government through the Military Assistance Program, or a similar program, as military aid. Since these rifles were loaned, not purchased outright, they are eligible for return to the U.

This type of program essentially replaced the WWII-era “Lend Lease” program and supplied arms and aid to U.

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