Dating horse shoes

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"That's because there aren't many of them who know how to do it properly," says Wilson, who keeps seven Shires on land he rents from a local farmer in the Hampshire countryside.

It's an accusation he doesn't apply to his present farrier, Nigel Fennell.

An associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, he won a champion European farrier competition in Verona last year.

"No foot, no horse" is an old maxim dating back to the days when the animals were mainly used as beasts of labour, whether in town or farms.

But while the trade of farriery has undergone something of a revival in recent years, practitioners willing or able to shoe a heavy horse seem harder to find.

The Limulidae are the only recent family of the order Xiphosura, and contains all four living species of horseshoe crabs: The entire body of the horseshoe crab is protected by a hard carapace.

It has two compound lateral eyes, each composed of about 1,000 ommatidia, plus a pair of median eyes that are able to detect both visible light and ultraviolet light, a single endoparietal eye, and a pair of rudimentary lateral eyes on the top.

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