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The graduation party invite was for a BBQ-style get-together in the backyard of the family’s home from 5 to 7pm.

The event also served as a sort of family reunion centered around our friend’s graduation; many of her family members from across the country came to support and congratulate her, and there were very few non-family members in attendance at the party.

The most important thing is to gauge whether your values are similar, because that can help you figure out whether this is someone you should keep seeing, she says. “Money is important in relationships right from the get-go.

It’s really symbolic of emotions and an area that can have tremendous meaning.” Below, Fields explains some of her top tips for navigating the awkward topic of money when you’re dating.

When it comes to money etiquette in dating circa now, says couples therapist and relationship expert Tara Fields, Ph. And that’s what can make things so difficult to navigate.

Everyone has different values around money—how to spend it, how to save it, and what role it plays.

I’ll be writing a check for a K catering order, for a two day conference.If anyone deserves a tip, a caterer definitely does! So much so that most catering companies include a 15-18% “service charge” in their contracts. It is divided up amongst the workers who contributed to your event.Now, if you have a service charge in your contract and the service the caterer provided was below par, not only should you discuss with the caterer that your expectations were not met and you want to knock down the tip percentage, but, you have every right to ask that the price of the event be amended, too! First, there are cooking classes to learn your craft and then taste testings with potential clients before you even book the job.Then there is: the preparation of the menu; shopping for the ingredients; preparing the food; loading the food into a delivery van; delivering the food; setting everything up; serving the food; and, finally, cleaning everything up and putting it all away.

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