Dating a guy who never had a girlfriend

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I am currently 21 years of age and I have never officially had a boyfriend in my entire life. Its like the only thing they want from me is to get in my pants and thats it. While most men (and women for that matter) are highly motivated by desire for sex, some are able to go beyond that basic desire and form intimate relationships that include sex but aren’t limited by it, while others are not.

Some of the guy friends that I have had in the past have tried to well frankly put get in my pants and I have always discouraged them after that.

Are you in your late teens or early 20s and still haven't had a serious girlfriend?

For guys, trying to figure out what is going on inside a woman's head is like an infant trying to do solve theoretical physics problems.

Obviously you would like a girlfriend and you've tried to ignite a flame which never quite took, Where are you going wrong?

This guide will help you single out where you're going wrong. Arrogance can be used as a guise for humour if stated in a sarcastic demeanor and it's crystal clear that you aren't being serious.

Nobody likes an ostentatious prick, so don't be that guy!

One attribute that always lets guys down when chasing a girlfriend is being too picky.

Steven welcomes all feedback, so if anyone has any ideas aside from mine about how he could improve his odds with the ladies, feel free to chime in by commenting on this post. I love music, and if you get to know me you’ll find out why this is ironic.

Take some time to think this question through please: Sometimes we act in ways that are against what we really want to achieve simply because we lack the courage of our convictions, or the creativity to see solutions that haven’t been handed to us on a platter.

Are you passively waiting around for men to approach you or are you taking charge of your situation by actively searching out the type of boy who would be healthy for you to become involved with? At a bar or party where people are looking to “see and be seen” — or in some sort of setting (like a club, volunteer group, religious group, etc.) where you’re likely to meet someone who actually shares your interests?

Have you thought about using the Internet to meet men?

Be creative and active, is what I’m saying, and don’t be in a rush. You do not want to be in a relationship just because you feel like a loser without one.

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