Consequences of dating at a young age

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When learning any skill, it is best to start young. Missteps are common when learning something new, but when dealing with money, they can have serious consequences.Investors who start young generally have the flexibility and time frame to take on risk and recover from their money-losing errors, but sidestepping the following common mistakes can help improve the odds of success.Financial difficulties are not made better by two people who don’t yet have reasonable means to support themselves.Given the high cost of living, it isn’t always feasible for two people to adequately earn the support they need and do things like plan great careers or stay in school.Dating violence can put young people at high risk for long-term health consequences, serious injury and even death.Dating violence is a pattern of verbal, physical, sexual or emotional violence against a romantic partner.Missing out on a good idea can lead a young investor to two very bad scenarios: 1.The investor will revise his opinion upward and still purchase an asset when it is not warranted.

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Those most at risk for substance abuse are girls who date boys two or more years older than them.

Emotional abuse includes behaviors such as name calling, threatening, insulting, shaming, manipulating, criticizing, controlling access to friends and family, expecting a partner to check in constantly, and using technology like texting to control and batter.

Teen dating violence is a serious public health issue.

For some young people, these are healthy and loving relationships that offer excellent opportunities to explore their beliefs and values about relationships.

For too many others, these relationships are unhealthy – and can cross the line into being emotionally and physically abusive.

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