Christian parents and dating

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Christian parents should desire that their kids glorify God in all that they do, especially when it comes to choosing a spouse. We pick up on habits, mannerisms, and ways of doing things.What can Christian parents do to prepare their kids for dating? One of the best ways to prepare your teen for dating is to give them a good model of what a biblical marriage should look like. The tension and the fear of the unknown are enough to make some start to hyperventilate.

You are forever different—in both positive and negative ways.

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Ask God every day to give you the wisdom you need to make the very best dating decisions, and choose to follow the guidance God gives you, even when doing so is difficult.

The decisions you make now are about much more than just whether or not you and your date have a good time together.

Your dating choices will have spiritual, emotional, and psychological impact for many years to come, so take them seriously.

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