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“Is the fact that Ryan has dated interracially a noteworthy detail to consider when analyzing his politics and policies? The essay doesn’t point to any specific behavior of Ryan’s that could be viewed as racist- only suggests that one day Ryan may be faced with racist allegations and use the fact that he dated a black woman in college as his defense.

She writes: “Here's a well-known phrase that has virtually become a punch line: When someone finds himself on the ropes facing an allegation of racism, the go-to reflex defense is usually something along the lines of "But some of my best friends are black!

Bowersox goes acoustic with it here: Crystal Bowersox recently made the insightful, intelligent comment that one's wedding isn't nearly as important as one's marriage.

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Perhaps a listen to its title track will help you decide.

(Case in point: Yes, we still think that Jennifer Hudson deserved better.)10.

Taylor Hicks wins (season 5)Where are you now, Soul Patrol?

Salt-and-pepper bluesman Taylor Hicks was something of a flukey phenom and somehow managed to triumph over fan favorite and future TV star Katharine Mc Phee (our Mc Pheever just won't sweat out! Sadly, Hicks never logged a mainstream hit, due in part to his older-skewing style.9.

Pia Toscano exits (season 10)Pia Toscano was seen as a season 10 front-runner until her surprise ouster, landing her in ninth place.

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